Friday, May 07, 2004

An Inside Look at XP SP2 by Wei-Meng Lee -- The first real beta of SP2, Release Candidate 1, is finally out. Final release is only a few months away. Is it ready for prime time? And what's inside? Wei-Meng Lee gives you an inside look.

ahhh... its been i while, actually i forgot to blog all these days. :p I'm flying to malaysia on 8th this month, this is my first trip outside Maldives, hope i wont get lost in lanka as im on a transit flight. i'll be posting when im on malay. wish me good luck on this. hehe..

Sunday, May 02, 2004

coLinux: Linux for Windows Without Rebooting by KIVILCIM Hindistan -- Trying Linux just keeps getting easier. Knoppix and other live CDs let you take Linux with you on CD and USB keys, but you have to reboot to run your software. What about Windows users who want to use Linux in conjunction with their existing systems? KIVILCIM Hindistan explores the world of coLinux -- cooperative Linux.