Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Funny Reply From an ISP

Below is a reply mail my friend received when he requested for text browser support from an ISP. LOL! :p
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 08:35:00 +0500
From: (censored)
To: (censored)
Subject: RE: Forwarded mail....

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your mail dated 19 May 2004.

We wish to inform you that text based browsers are compatible with our page if you are an internet explorer 5. user

In the mean time if you have any further queries please call us FREE (censored)

Thank you

Customer Services Assistant
Winners of internet awards 2003 was announced last night. Unlike recent years participants aren't creative. The websites submitted were crap. Anyway here are the list of winners.

Static Site

Ismail Mazham ismailmazham.internetawards.com.mv

Dynamic Site

Aminath Sharafnaz aminathsharafnaz.internetawards.com.mv

Primary School Student Category

1st Place

Ahmed Rumaan Kalafaanu School ahmedrumaan.internetawards.com.mv

2nd Place

Ali Zayaan Shaafiu Jamaaluddin School alizayaan.internetawards.com.mv

3rd Place

Aishath Sheena Kalafaanu School aishathsheena.internetawards.com.mv

Secondary School Student Category

1st Place

Zumra Mohamed Waheed Aminiyaa School zumramohamedwaheed.internetawards.com.mv

2nd Place

Amru Adam Majeedhiyya amruadam.internetawards.com.mv