Saturday, September 10, 2005

E-directory Search Plugin For Firefox

When ever you need to search for a number or and address from Dhiraagu E-directory you have to visit Dhivehinet web site and then search for it, I thought I could cut down one step and make life easier. So I have written a small search plugin for Firefox, this is not official for now just download this file and unzip them into "Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins\" and you'll have new search plugin on your firefox browser. Hope this will be useful.

Download Search Plugin


Anonymous said...

ok, i did copied and pasted that script in the folder you have mention in the post, but where do i get that new search feature, my firefox doesnt seems to change anything, i even restarted the browser but still nothing, dude give us a little detail

shifaz said...

Click on the right hand side search box to see a dropdown box with all the search plugins, this is where you will find the new DhivehiNet E-Directory plugin.

ahmed waddeyy said...


Anonymous said...

yeah! dude! it so cool! no time to waste to log dhivehinet website!