Thursday, March 05, 2009

Wallr, an android wallpaper tool

I have just released an application which will easily change the wallpaper of android mobile phone. Users will have to define a location of the wallpaper that needs to be rotated.

On intial launch the application will check if the a directory named Wallpaper exists on the sd card, if not it will be created and some sample wallpapers will be downloaded.


  • Change wallaper by clicking on Wallr icon (It is recommended to create a shortcut for this application on android home screen)
  • Enable/Disable notification.
  • Settings menu can be access by clicking wallr icon on notification bar.
  • Option to enable/disable wallpaper width (this is required as some image with width less than 640px will look ungly when the screen is in landscape mode)


If you feel like donating for this application please click on the Donate Button below.



Click on the download link or get it from Android Market.